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Jan. 3, 2023

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been the breath of fresh air for Netflix K-dramas, undoubtedly taking the title of “2022’s cutest series” so far.

The world of Korean dramas is indeed weird and wonderful but in many ways, the recent schedule has felt decidedly flat when compared to the Spring line-up.

This may be one of the reasons why Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become so popular since its debut back in June – it’s not only an extraordinary series, but it has also been the exception in a rather boring few months for the genre.


Back to the series itself; where character development and atmosphere are two things that truly make this show so special. Every single character, whether they be main or supporting, has seen some type of major progression over the past 16 episodes.

From Young Woo’s exploration of the professional and romantic world, all the way to ‘Tactician Kwon’ becoming the surprise stand-out guy, the development of each character has been a genuine joy to watch.

Korean rom-coms are widely known to be amongst the most touching and sentimental love stories on television and Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues that reputation.

Subtle changes in the background music and the imagery used to show us what Young Woo is struggling to put into words herself work incredibly well throughout season 1, leaving us with a lasting impression on both first loves, modern law and ASD.

It's legacy? Whenever we have a ‘Eureka’ moment in life from now on, it will be hard not to think back to the Extraordinary Attorney Woo and her now-iconic “Big Whale Moments”.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a delightful and adorable series that will have you grinning from ear to ear every single episode – thankfully, we can’t wait for more as season 2 has already been confirmed!

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