Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework

Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework starts where the Django “Polls” tutorial stops and takes you through building the polls app, but this time using APIs. You will learn the basics of Django Rest Framework including serialization, views, generic views, view sets, testing, and access control. You will also learn about API documentation using swagger and rail.


Who is this course for?

If you have finished the Django “Polls” tutorial, and want to learn to use DRF to build APIs, this book is perfect for you. This book assumes some knowledge of Django and Python, which you should have built if you have finished the “Poll” tutorial. No existing knowledge of DRF is assumed.


How to read this course?

The chapters are meant to be read in order. If you have existing knowledge of some chapters, you can quickly go through that chapter, but I highly recommend reading them in order as each chapter builds on the previous one.

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