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Hiring is happening in Ashneer Grover's startup

Jan. 11, 2023

2 min read

Ashneer Grover announced the start of hiring for his new antagonist on Tuesday, January 10. Along with this, he has also been invited to invest money in his protest. Ashneer Grover also said the company would give the employees who stick to their performance for 5 years a Mercedes car. The name of Ashneer Grover's new performance is 'Third Unicorn'. He first announced it in 2022, although no specific information was revealed about it.


"Let's get down to business in 2023. We at Third Unicorn have been very quietly and quietly building a market disruptor business," he said in a post on the social media platform LinkedIn. There is no outside investor money and it is away from the limelight. This time we are doing things differently. Very different."

Ashneer Grover has also put together a slide show with the post, in which he gives a glimpse of what Third Unicorn is building, without going into details of how the company is actually being pitched. "If you want to be a part of the next disruptive thing, here's a sneak peek at how we're building the company. What we're building is still the million-dollar question,"

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