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Abdulla Fajal

Django Developer



Education: Graduation

Lives in: India

Work: Django Developer

My name is Abdulla Fajal and I am the owner of "", if you want to give some suggestions, you can message me.

Recent Post


Building Multi-Step Forms with Django: A Comprehensive Guide

Multi-step forms can improve the user experience and make it easier for users to provide complex information in a structured manner. Django, a popular Python web framework, provides various tools and libraries that make it …

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Creating Complex Forms with Django: A Step-by-Step Guide

Django is a popular Python web framework that provides developers with the tools to create robust and scalable web applications. One of the key features of Django is its ability to easily handle complex forms. …

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10 Django Built-in Views You Need to Know for Your Next Project

Django is a powerful web framework for building web applications quickly and efficiently. It includes many built-in views that can be used to handle common tasks such as displaying a list of objects, creating new …

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Django Template Filters: A Comprehensive Overview

Django is a popular web framework written in Python that uses a templating engine to generate dynamic HTML pages. Django templates offer a variety of built-in filters that allow developers to manipulate data before displaying …

django List Template Filter Template


Django Views vs. Function-based Views: Pros and Cons

Django is a popular Python web framework that allows developers to build robust, scalable, and maintainable web applications quickly. One of the critical components of Django is views, which are responsible for handling user requests …

django views Generic-Views FBVs CBVs