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Zehra Ahmad

Dian Alphabet



Education: BSc.

Lives in: Ghaziabad

Work: Dian Alphabet

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The Top 5 Programming Languages for Newbies in 2023

It is difficult to predict with certainty which programming languages will be the "top 5" for newbies in 2023, as the popularity of programming languages can change over time. However, based on current trends and …

Python coding Programming IOS


Tricks To Enjoy For Loops in Python

Some people find loops in Python very difficult. Today we will tell you how to make the loop easy and enjoy the loop. We do not waste much of your time and tell you how to …

Python Method Loop


Views in Django REST Framework

In this article we know about Django REST framework views. In the Django REST framework, views handle the incoming HTTP requests and return the appropriate response. There are several different types of views that can be …

views API django-rest-framework REST-APIs


What is serializer in Django REST Framework

In the Django REST framework, a serializer is a class that provides a way to convert complex data types, such as Django model instances or querysets, into JSON, XML, or other formats. The serializer also …

django API django-rest-framework serializer


Hiring is happening in Ashneer Grover's startup

Ashneer Grover announced the start of hiring for his new antagonist on Tuesday, January 10. Along with this, he has also been invited to invest money in his protest. Ashneer Grover also said the company …

Shark-Tank-India Ashneer Bharat-Pay