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Jan. 8, 2023

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Hi, Espere User We are social media platforms where you can write your thoughts in articles and chat with your friends and make new friends, Today I will tell you how you can write your article on

First of all, you have to create your account, for that, you have to click here sign up, You have to login after signing up. You will see the + icon in the top corner, by clicking there you will get a page like this

  • Write the title of your article on the title
  • You will put the image of your article in the thumbnail
  • And below you will write the content which you have to write
  • In the tags, you can give the according tags for your article.
  • And in the last, you can publish or draft your article.

Now we will tell you about the editor we are using, and how you can improve your article by doing it.

  1. Using this you can download your article in pdf
  2. Using this you can print your article
  3. It gives us templates

How to use Youtube Videos in your article:

For this, you have to copy the Embed Video link, you can do this from a YouTube desktop only, if you want to do it from your smartphone, then you can open YouTube on any of your browsers by doing a desktop site, from that you can copy your link.

After that, you have to paste your copied code by clicking on the source .

You can do the same for Twitter and Instagram. click on the iframe and give Width values in %

How to use code snippets in your articles:

For this, you have to go here  and you can write whatever code you want and you can choose your programming language.

How to add any links to your articles:

For this, you have to go here  you can put any link

How to add any images to your articles:

For this, you have to go here  you can put any link to your image. Always use Width and Height values in %

How to design your text:

You can give different fonts and colours to the text to design your article, for this, you have many options. Join today and share your thoughts

abdulla Guide Espere Add-Article Appreciate you stopping by my post! 😊

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