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Abdulla Fajal

Django Developer



Education: Graduation

Lives in: India

Work: Django Developer

My name is Abdulla Fajal and I am the owner of "", if you want to give some suggestions, you can message me.

Recent Post


How to Customize Django Form Errors and Messages

Django is a popular web development framework that provides a robust and scalable platform for building web applications. One of the core features of Django is its forms module, which allows developers to easily create …

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Django Formsets: How to Handle Multiple Forms in Django

Django formsets allow developers to handle multiple forms in a single request. This can be useful when you want to create, update, or delete multiple objects at once. In this article, we will discuss how …

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10 Essential Django Model Fields If You are Beginners then Need to Know

Django is a powerful web framework that allows you to create robust and scalable web applications. One of the most important components of any Django application is the data models. Django data models define the …

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How to Use Django Model Managers to Simplify Your Code

Django Model Managers are a powerful tool for simplifying your code and improving the readability of your Django projects. They allow you to encapsulate complex queries and business logic in a single place, making your …

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Django Model Inheritance: How to Create Subclasses of Models and Why You Need Them

Django is a popular web framework for building web applications in Python. One of the features of Django is its support for model inheritance, which allows you to create subclasses of existing models. In this …

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