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Abdulla Fajal

Django Developer



Education: Graduation

Lives in: India

Work: Django Developer

With '' under my care, I, Abdulla Fajal, graciously invite your insights and suggestions, as we endeavour to craft an exquisite online experience together.

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Implementing Pagination in Django: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pagination is a common requirement when dealing with large datasets in web applications. It allows users to navigate through a set of data by dividing it into manageable chunks or pages. In this article, we'll …

django views Pagination Model Template Pages


How to Add Django Debug Toolbar to Your Django Project

Django Debug Toolbar is a powerful debugging tool that provides valuable insights and information about your Django application during development. It offers various panels to analyze database queries, template rendering, cache usage, etc. This article …

django Debug Debug-Toolbar Third-Party-Library


Exploring Lazy Loading Techniques for Django Templates

Lazy loading is a technique used in web development to improve page loading performance by deferring the loading of non-essential resources until they are actually needed. In the context of Django templates, lazy loading can …

django Template Ajax Lazy-Loading


Boosting Performance with Cached Views in Django

In today's fast-paced web environment, optimizing the performance of web applications is crucial for delivering a smooth user experience. Slow response times and high server load can lead to frustrated users and hinder the growth …

django views Performance Cache


Writing Views That Wow: Django Best Practices

Views are an essential component of Django web applications, handling the logic behind processing user requests and generating responses. Well-crafted views can greatly enhance the efficiency, maintainability, and overall wow factor of your Django projects. …

django views CBVs Best-Practices