How to run Django projects on a smartphone

Jan. 1, 2023

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In this article, we will tell you how you can build and run a Django project on an Android smartphone. Many people cannot afford a laptop or desktop. Some people want to see their projects running on a smartphone, in this way we will tell you how to run a Django project on a smartphone.

Normally you need 2 apps for Django, a terminal and a code editor, today we will teach you how to run a Django project with these two apps only.

To edit your code, we will suggest you an app named Acode, which you can download from Playstore. Download ACode

And for the terminal we will tell you to download termux app, you can download it from here

You open termux and update the package, for this you have to run this command

pkg update && pkg upgrade

Then you have to give the storage permissions


Now you have to install Python, for this you will run this command

pkg install python3

This will install Python on your smartphone, you can check the Python version to verify.

python --version

You will get the output of the version of python python 3.11.1

you can install vertualenv

pip install vertualenv

To create virtualenv you have to run this command

virtualenv <name_of_env>

virtualenv env

Now you have to activate Virtual Environment

source env/bin/activate

Your env will be activated you will see (env) ~ $

Now you have to install Django

pip install django

Django will be installed with this command and you can create your project

You have to go to your local storage

cd storage/shared

If you list the directory, you will be shown the folders of your storage.


You can create your project by creating a new directory

django-admin startproject test

You have to cd test and create a django app

(env) ~/.../project/test $ python startapp enroll

This will create your app

Now you have to open your project in Acode app, you can do whatever you want to create in your project.

You have to run this command to run your project

python runserver

If you have any problem, you can comment or you can direct message me.

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