Ghost Rider (2007)

Dec. 2, 2022

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When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.

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When the motorcyclist Johnny Blaze finds that his father Barton Blaze has terminal cancer, he accepts a pact with Mephistopheles, giving his soul for the health of his beloved father. But the devil deceives him, and Barton dies in a motorcycle accident during an exhibition. Johnny leaves the carnival, his town, his friends, and his girlfriend Roxanne. Many years later, Johnny Blaze becomes a famous motorcyclist, who risks his life in his shows, and he meets Roxanne again, now a television reporter. However, Mephistopheles proposes Johnny to release his contract if he become the "Ghost Rider" and defeat his evil son Blackheart, who wants to possess one thousand evil souls and transform hell on Earth.

—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the story of Johnny Blaze, who was only a teen-aged stunt biker when he sold his soul to the devil known as Mephistopheles. Many years later, Johhny is a world-renowned daredevil by day, but at night, he becomes the devil's legendary bounty hunter called the Ghost Rider. He is charged with finding evil souls on Earth and bringing them back to hell. But when a twist of fate brings Johnny's long-lost love Roxanne back into his life, Johnny realizes he just might have a second chance at happiness if he can beat the devil Blackheart and win back his soul. To do so, he'll have to defeat his nemesis and wayward son, Blackheart, whose plot to take over his father's realm will bring hell on Earth unless Ghost Rider can stop him before it's too late.


In 1986, the then innocent, seventeen-year-old motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze, struck a bargain with the demon Mephistopheles to spare his father from certain death. Two decades later, the past comes back to haunt Johnny, now a famous daredevil, when the evil entity returns bearing dark gifts in exchange for a favour: to hunt down Mephisto's son, Blackheart, and if Blaze succeeds, he can have his precious soul back. As Johnny becomes the Devil's feared left hand, riding a fiery motorcycle, the legendary Spirit of Vengeance emerges. Now, with his flesh consumed by hellfire when around evil, all sinners will have to pay in blood. Is there an escape from the supernatural, leather-clad anti-hero from Hell?

—Nick Riganas


In order to save his dying father, young stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze sells his soul to Mephistopheles and sadly parts from the pure-hearted Roxanne Simpson, the love of his life. Many years later, Johnny's path crosses again with Roxanne, now a reporter, and also with Mephistopheles, who offers to release Johnny's soul if Johnny becomes the fabled, fiery Ghost Rider, a supernatural agent of vengeance and justice. Mephistopheles charges Johnny with defeating the despicable Blackheart, Mephistopheles' nemesis and son, who plans to displace his father and create a new hell even more terrible than the old one.

—Kenneth Chisholm

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Adiba Ansari

Nice movie

Dec. 26, 2022, 4:08 p.m.

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